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New Amazfit T-Rex strap and accessories

The Amazfit T-Rex or really Huami Amazfit T-Rex as the watch is actually called, is a robust training watch.

The Amazfit T-Rex not only measures your training performance but also offer sleep tracing. The Amazfit T-Rex promises up to 18 days of operation on a single charge with typical use.

The Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch monitors your heart rate and sleep status such as total sleep, light sleep, deep sleep, and awake time. And the watch has abundant and useful reminder functions such as alarm clock, weather forecast, world clock and incoming calls.

Changing the strap on your Amazfit T-Rex is very easy. You will find straps in several different materials ranging from soft silicone to colourful nylon straps. Find the right product for your Amazfit here.

Show your style with a new replacement strap for your Huami Amazfit T-Rex.

Superior comfort and durability

The Amazfit T-Rex watch strap is the perfect choice for those who want to take their training to the next level. This comfortable and durable strap gives you superior comfort and endurance, allowing you to get the most out of your workout.

Turn your watch into the ultimate training tool. Find what suits you and your style with us.

Amazfit T-Rex silicone watch strap

The Amazfit T-Rex silicone watch strap is one of the most popular straps for fitness enthusiasts. These bracelets sit comfortably on your wrist without being in the way. The silicone strap for your Amazfit T-Rex is also very comfortable.

The silicone watch strap is made of high quality silicone and thanks to that you can use your bracelet for a long time. Buy yours today. Turn your watch into an accessory by replacing your original bracelet with a new one.

These Amazfit T-Rex straps come in many different colours, including black. Our most popular bracelets are in black.

You don't need any tools to even change the strap on your Amazfit T-Rex thanks to the

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Find products that are perfect for you and your style and in the right colour.

When you wear your watch every day, it's important that your strap feels comfortable. The product should sit well on your wrist. But the bracelet should not be too tight either.

Black silicone strap

A black silicone bracelet goes everywhere. It is easy to style because black goes with most things.

Silicone is a soft and comfortable material that is also easy to clean. Show your style with a silicone bracelet.

Straps for Amazfit T-Rex Pro

We not only have strapsfor the Huami Amazfit T-Rex but also for the upgraded version Huami Amazfit T-Rex Pro.

Also check out our huge range of Amazfit T Rex Pro straps which are always at a good price.

Strap for your Amazfit T-Rex Pro in silicone material. Available in the colour black which is one of the most popular colours. silicone material is a soft material that has received good reviews. It is perfect for training or everyday use.

Replacing your strap  is easy thanks to the tools provided. The T-Rex Pro strap fits perfectly and is compatible with the Amazfit T-Rex. So make sure you personalize your smartwatch as you want. Online shopping has never been easier. 

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Easy to change

To change the bracelet on your Amazfit T-Rex and Amazfit T-Rex Pro, you need to use the supplied screwdrivers. Simply unscrew the screws at the base of your watch and screw the new strap back on. Amazfit has made it easy to change bracelets, just write on both sides of the bracket.

Our bracelets that you find here on the website are compatible with the Amazfit T-Rex.

It is also perfect for all Amazfit watches that need to have the same size bracelet.

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