Garmin Tactix 7 straps

Enormous selection of watch straps for Garmin Tactix 7. We are guaranteed one, or a couple, straps you both want and need.

    Garmin Tactix 7 straps and accessories

    Welcome to the largest selection of accessories for your new Tactix 7 watch. Here you can shop for everything you need to keep your smartwatch safe, and make wearing it more comfortable and secure than ever before. We want nothing more than to help you take your user experience to the next level, and have carefully selected a wide range of products to achieve just that.

    The Tactix range has long been a favourite watch among fitness and wilderness enthusiasts. What's unique about the Tactix 7 is all its tactical and military features, such as a stealth mode that blocks positioning and wireless connectivity, a kill switch that clears all user data, and the jumpmaster mode, which helps you navigate from the air when skydiving. This is of course incredibly impressive, but if you're more of a 'regular' user, some of the most notable benefits of the Tactix 7 are:

    • A robust construction by military standards
    • Built-in LED flashlight
    • GPS with precision and perfection
    • Smartwatch features, like payment, music and notifications from your phone

    Buy 26mm watch strap for Garmin Tactix 7

    Like many of the larger watches made by Garmin, the Tactix 7 uses straps that are 26mm wide. They also use the company's own QuickFit fasteners, which make the straps easy and smooth to click into place and take off. This also means that there is a certain level of cross-compatibility between different Garmin watches, as long as they use the same mm width and style of mount.

    Nylon and silicone straps

    A silicone strap for the Garmin Tactix 7 is a natural and popular choice because the watch itself is designed to be used during exercise and nature excursions. The silicone is soft against the skin of the arm and its inherent flexibility allows it to naturally and easily follow the movements of the wrist. Silicone is also easy to wipe off when you get home, keeping the wristband nice and clean.

    A nylon strap for the Tactix 7 also has many of the positive qualities of the silicone variant: softness, flexibility and light weight. But something that nylon is unique about comes from the fabric itself and is its breathability. These products allow air to circulate through the fabric, creating a nice and cool feeling no matter how hot the day is.

    Leather and metal straps

    While the watch itself is designed for high-performance fitness, it may not be the only thing you use it for - and we've tailored our selection of products accordingly. You can therefore find Tactix 7 watch straps in materials such as genuine leather and stainless steel, which give a slightly more dressed-up feel when you're in the office, at home relaxing on the sofa or attending a more formal event.

    A Garmin strap that suits your style

    As well as the material being suitable for the activity you plan to use your Tactix 7 for, it may also be important to you that it has a look that matches your outfit or is in a colour you like. After all, you wear it on your arm for hours every day and just like clothes, we all have different preferences.

    That's why our product collection is not only filled with material options, but also options in terms of colour and design. Find a product that is bright and colourful, with a unique pattern or print, or just something simple that is black or white.

    Garmin Tactix 7 screen protector

    Another accessory that is essential to the longevity of your watch, yet often overlooked, is a screen protector for Tactix 7. The watch itself is tough, rugged and built to be used in the most difficult terrains, but annoying scratches and damaging cracks can easily occur. A screen protector is thus an inexpensive insurance policy that helps ensure your device lasts a long time.