Polar strap

Accessories and watchstraps for Polar smartwatches.

Polar strap

If you wear a Polar watch, either to complement your active lifestyle or to keep track of your everyday life, then you know how important it is to have a high-quality, durable Polar watch strap.

After all, your Polar is on your wrist all day, and it's important that it's comfortable and secure no matter what you're doing. That's why we've filled our selection of straps for Polar smartwatches with different materials to compliment your lifestyle and use of your smartwatch - whatever it is. In our selection, you'll find comfortable silicone, leather, and stainless steel straps that can be used for all occasions or segmented by application. Maybe you want a new silicone strap for the gym but not the office, or a sleek metal strap for a big meeting or important date but not when you're just lying on the couch.

Beyond comfort, it's important not to overlook style. The Polar smartwatch is personalised, and it's important that the strap is too. The right strap can help you accessorise the rest of your outfit or simply make you feel more confident. That's why all our straps, regardless of material, come in different colours and designs.

All our watch straps for Polar watches are available in a huge selection and come with fast delivery. No need to hesitate - order a new accessory for your smartwatch today.


For years now, Polar has been a flagship brand in fitness and sports performance. Their watches are designed for function and movement, and they can handle anything from a simple workout to all-round multisport and outdoor adventure. Aside from this focus on physical health, Polar also has a comprehensive view of wellness in general, and their innovative technology, therefore, offers functions that track your sleep and also has a heart rate sensor that provides reliable heart rate readings to avoid stress. 

Polar achieves this through industry-leading technology and various fitness apps, all neatly packaged in a simple and smart smartwatch. 

Polar straps for different models

Polar has a wide range of smartwatches and they're all good for different things. Some, like the Ignite series, are more of an all-round smartwatch that focuses on both lifestyle and health, while the Pacer and Vantage series are more focused on in-depth sports activities.

The good news is that no matter which Polar you have, we have accessories to keep it both personalised and safe.


The Polar Ignite offers simple, easy-to-use smartwatches that are described as the perfect partner for lifestyle and fitness goals. 

Naturally, we have a wide range of 20 mm straps for the Polar Ignite series to suit both the casual and the physical. This means that whether you have the original Ignite, the Polar Ignite 3 titanium, or the Polar Ignite 2 - we have something to suit your needs. 


The Vantage models from Polar are tailor-made for elite-level sports and training. Down to the smallest detail, the Vantage watches, consisting of the Polar Vantage M, Polar Vantage V, and Polar Vantage V2, are designed for optimal performance, but that doesn't necessarily exclude beginners from using one.

The 22 mm watch straps for Polar Vantage, like the watch itself, are customisable, durable, and comfortable no matter what - all year round.


The Pacer and Polar Pacer Pro series still focus on sports but are built for terrain and wilderness with accurate GPS and heart rate monitoring. The Pacer series also has recovery monitoring features to help users get the most out of their training.

Our Polar Pacer watch strap comes in many sizes and we have straps in different colours, so you can choose from everything from black to pink.


The Polar Unite series is a true triple threat when it comes to smartwatches. It offers a full and comprehensive solution for both body and lifestyle, that goes beyond just high-intensity training sessions. Connectivity with fitness and sports apps means that you will have maximum precision and measurements you can trust, to ensure getting the most out of your workout. If we were to describe the Polar Unite neatly, it would be this: comfort and simplicity. 

For such a watch it's important to also have a Polar soft strap that can accommodate the adventures you plan on taking every day, whether that is just a commute to work or long-distance terrain running. 

Accessories for other Polar models

Our wide selection of Polar straps and other accessories are not just limited to the models above. We want to make sure that no matter which Polar smartwatch you have, you also have the perfect Polar Pro strap to accommodate your life - whether that be a Polar H10 or Polar H9 strap made from soft textile material, a Polar Verity Sense band or a Polar Grit X fitness armband.